About Cooking

Cooking is an art of preparing food. It is an amazing way to express creativity. Combining colors, flavors and varying the patterns in various dishes makes a great taste. Cooking has to be fused with passion to get yummy taste. One who cooks without haste or waste does an efficient cooking. It goes easier if organized by planning the order in which you cook the meals and use time to your best. Also clean as you cook as "Cleanliness is next to Godliness".

A healthy and hygenic way of cooking forms the backbone of a healthy family. Indian Recipe Corner sticks to these concepts in presenting you yummy meals with numerous kitchen tips along with it. Enjoy the Meals and lead a healthy life full of satisfaction and contented mind.

Indian Breakfast
The breakfast of South Indians will normally be either idli with chutney, dosa with chutney or sambar, ven pongal or uppuma. Some also include ulundu vada ( methu vada ) in their regular breakfast like 2 idli, 1 vada or 2 dosa with 1 vada. Their breakfast is completed or gets perfect with a cup of tea.
Have a glimpse of Indian Breakfast recipe here.

Indian Meals
The much effort spent for cooking is best appreciated only on the way we serve the meals. In our Indian tradition especially in South India serving in green banana leaf is a tradition from ancient times followed on aspects of sanity and hygenic like the use and throw plates we use for serving food. Anyhow nature made things cannot be replaced on any cause for its worth.

From the books I referred, I have listed the order of serving the meals items in bana leaf starting from left edge of the leaf as numbered in the Banana Leaf picture is explained as follows:

1. Salt 2. Pickles 3. Chutney Powder 4. Green Gram Salad 5. Bengal Gram Salad 6. Coconut Chutney 7. Fogath 8. Jack Fruit Fogath 9. Lemon Rice 10. Papad 11. Crispies like chips 12. Steamed Rice Cake 13. Rice 14. Dal 15. Raitha 16. Rasam 17. Black Gram Paste 18. Brinjal Pakoda 19. Sweet And Sour Gravy 20. Maida Fry like bonda 21. Avial 22. Ladies Finger Pakoda 23. Brinjal Sambar24.Sweet 25. Masalwada Curry 26. Sweet Coconut, Chapati 27. Vangi Bath or Upma 28. Sour Ginger Gravy 29. Gheer or any Sweet 30. Curds 31. Butter Milk

The above said are our traditional rules.Also the leaf should be laid out so that its widened end is at the right side of the guest and narrow end is at the left side of the guest. Before laying it should have been cleaned well without any dust particles as " Cleanliness is next to Godliness" . Along with it do not forget to place a glass of water as most of them undergo traditional prayer to God with water before consuming Bojana. If we are not able to follow the entire thing as a custom we could approach it as a best way to organise our serving to give a delicious garnishing effect as a whole.